Slowed down by multiple systems?

SpecVet is an All-in-One Specialty and ER Veterinary Software that mirrors the Clinical and Administrative workflow of your practice. Find out how our customers improved their results
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Tired of missing charges?

SpecVet offers fully automated billing so you never miss a fee again!
Automate charges and Increase your Revenue while giving your doctors and technicians more time to focus on the patients instead than dealing with paperwork
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Hard to have everyone on the same page?

Increase your efficiency with real-time intuitive communication. With SpecVet multiple staff can update a record simultaneously and receive instant notification of location or status of a visit or patient

Manage Workflows

Manage Workflows

SpecVet mirrors the clinical and administrative workflow of ER/Specialty clinics so veterinarians and staff can streamline their process of delivering the highest quality of care.
Optimize Efficiency

Optimize Efficiency

Anywhere. Anytime. Anything. Manage your entire clinic – patient records, client information, and back-office administration – through the touch of a button.
Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

No more guess work. Period. Spend time improving your business instead of generating reports! SpecVet’s business intelligence module and integrated inventory management system provide the powerful reporting you need to make smart business decisions.
Take It From Us

Take It From Us

Over 25 years of expertise in improving workflow and profitability. SpecVet was developed by ER Vet Services and Hospital management specialists after their own frustrations with existing software options. A system perfected with the accumulated experience of over +30 professionals in your area.

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