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Cubex Integration

Combine your inventory management system with your Cubex products

SpecVet is the leading veterinary software package. We were the first veterinary software to integrate with Pyxis and now Cubex over 10 years ago. We know more about the integration, workflow and execution of these types of systems than any other Veterinary Software company in the field today.
Select the patient  Remove the product  Charge is Automatically added to Invoice!
"SpecVet and Cubex/Pyxis integration? Irreplaceable." 
 Robert D. Cohen, DVM Director CARES, Langhorn, PA

Cubex integration features

  • Demographic data automatically added when a patient is admitted
  • Demographic data automatically removed when a patient is discharged
  • Invoiced items are automatically added to the patients' visit invoice
  • Set rules for the default provider
  • Control who can and can not delete or modify Cubex billing
  • Invoiced items follow bill code rules for that item (commission rate, default provider, etc.)
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