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Complete your records in one click

Write and organize your own notes to maximize productivity while you work. Unlimited MRN types are available, creatable, modifiable and may be based upon each users specific needs. No more complex "macros" to struggle with. Easily fax or email records and referral letters automatically right from within the robust SpecVet user interface.

Key Features

  • Unlimited MRN types
  • Easy to use and robust medical record templates
  • 1-click record writing with SMRTs
  • Complete access to notes, labs and orders
  • Industry's first patient history tool
  • Fax and email records and notes to clients and RDVMs
  • Up to 3 RDVMs allowable per patient or visit
What our clients say
“I think it’s very user-friendly.  And most people who come in, we have relief veterinarians that come in and they love this system compared to other systems that they work with because of that. The usability is quite good.
— Donna Steckley Hospital Administrator CARES, Langhorn, PA
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