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Increasingly frustrated with existing software for his ER/specialty practice, John Beltz, DVM, and David Wolz, experience developer and User Experience expert, embarked on a mission to design a veterinary practice management software to meet the unique needs of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals. The result was SpecVet. 
Major player in ER/Specialty Clinics and Hospitals
SpecVet has proven itself to be a major player in ER/specialty clinics around the country for more than 25 years, gaining a reputation for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality.
SpecVet was built for the demanding workflows, need for real-time communication, and large volume of clients and patients an ER/Specialty clinic has as compared to a single location general practice clinic. We designed the software platform for clinics with:
  • Multiple medical departments 24/7 operations
  • Multiple locations
  • Large staff
  • Instant communication requirements
  • Greater need for informatics, tracking, and logging
  • Complex billing and compensation models
Rapid Growth 
SpecVet has grown rapidly with the ever-changing field of specialty veterinary medicine. Our latest version of SpecVet is a culmination of experience in understanding and adapting to the needs of information systems designed especially for specialty and emergency veterinary medicine.
Incorporating experience of +30 professionals
SpecVet is more powerful and intuitive than ever, incorporating input from more than 30 doctors and administrators with the focus exclusively on the end user experience, primarily the clinical staff and hospital administration. If you’re constantly changing the way you work to compensate for the shortcomings of your current software, stop and call us today.

What our clients say about SpecVet
“One of the things we feel really good about is the security that we’ve got a product that is going to continue to grow with us.”
As a fairly new user our practice has been using SpecVet for a little less than 2 years. I don’t think we’ve done much more than scratch the surface on what SpecVet can do for us! 
- Daniel Carey
Emergency Clinician Care Center

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