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“One of the things we feel really good about is the security that we’ve got a product that is going to continue to grow with us.”
As a fairly new user our practice has been using SpecVet for a little less than 2 years. I don’t think we’ve done much more than scratch the surface on what SpecVet can do for us.
Daniel Carey, Emergency Clinician 
Care Center
 "The inventory management and billing integration - irreplaceable!"
From a patient data standpoint, patient entry, patient retrieval, the search capabilities are just phenomenal. you can search for anything and everything you want… it’s very comprehensive. It’s very easy for those of us who administer the system. With SpecVet, you can pretty much sit down and start working in it on day one. I think the charge capture features and efficiency were so amazing, we were thrilled .... but the real world issue for all of us is to make sure that we charge for everything we do ... it’s irreplaceable.
Robert D. Cohen, DVM
"SpecVet just seemed to blow away all the other competition out there."
It’s the only software that’s designed for veterinarians in our field. We recommended it to all of our friends from day one. SpecVet allows us to Build our own template for each specialty practice, which is phenomenal. no other software system will let us do that. We have 26 doctors in our hospital, and we’re open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. SpecVet has proven to be a very reliable system.
Barbara R. Gores, DVM 
Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson
"The thing I love most about SpecVet would be the business intelligence."
Being able to have real-time numbers, understanding the business, understanding patient wait times and being to able to automate charges is important. It gives my technicians and doctors more time focusing on the patients then documenting things and putting things in invoices.
Corey Korinko, Operations Manager
Allegheny Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty 
"We chose SpecVet because it’s great!"
It’s very helpful to have a software that is freeing in the way that I can just get the data that I need.
Nic Clinch, Finance Manager
Virginia Veterinary Centers - Richmond
"You get a sense of everybody who’s there just by looking at a screen."
One of the big features that I like about it is you can kind of see who’s in the hospital. With the other program, you had to know how to spell the last name exactly right and you couldn’t pull up cases and you couldn’t tell who was in the hospital. SpecVet gives me a sense of everyone and what they are doing. Just by looking at a screen, I can see all the active visits. With the other program, I couldn’t pull up cases, couldn’t tell who was in the hospital and it would crash all the time.
Donna Steckley, Hospital Administrator
"SpecVet allows us to do a lot of different things at our facility."
One of the things I appreciate the most as an inventory manager is that I can alter data in real time and it can go out to my staff immediately. 
Michelle Anderson, Inventory/IT Manager
Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson
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