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It all comes down to communication

Whether you are a single facility or a multi-location operation, communication is vital for emergency veterinary clinics, specialty clinics, and animal hospitals. SpecVet provides a reliable way for your entire staff to have access to the information they need to serve clients and patients while helping you run your business.

Truly Integrated Workflow Management

SpecVet mirrors the clinical and administrative workflow of ER and Specialty clinics so veterinarians and technicians can streamline their process of delivering the highest quality of care.
From the moment a patient checks-in, through exams, hospitalization and discharge, all team members have access to real-time data on active visits in order to fully understand patient statuses and act quickly when it is required. 
Real time information:
  • Patient appointment scheduling and management
  • Real time data, including instant updates for active visits
  • Seamless communication between team members, departments and locations
  • Integration with Idexx, Cubex and all other major reference lab and stat lab equipment suppliers
  • Integration with Smart Flow and rVet Link
  • Patient records, client information and back office administration all accessible in one place.
Check out Clinical Dashboards that can be built for your practice needs as well as integrations available.
"SpecVet just seemed to blow away all the other competition out there. It’s the only software that’s designed for veterinarians in our field. We recommended it to all of our friends from day one."
— Barbara R. Gores, DVM, DACVS Veterinary Specialty Center in Tucson

Increase your efficiency with real-time intuitive communication

Anywhere. Anytime. Anything!
With SpecVet multiple staff can update any element of a medical record simultaneously, receive notifications of location or status of a visit or patient - All this in real-time.
Customize medical reporting, invoicing, and document management to fit the workstyle your clinic is already used to.
Information anytime anywhere
  • Update medical records in real-time, even in surgery or out of office
  • Simultaneous record input
  • Can be used on desktop computer or tablet
  • Document management and tracking
  • QR code scanning for paper reports
  • Automatically link any document with a patient medical record
  • Information available across departments and locations
Give your clinic the power to operate on the same sophisticated technological level of a major human hospital.
“From a patient data standpoint, patient entry, patient retrieval, the search capabilities are just phenomenal. you can search for anything and everything you want… it’s very comprehensive.”
— Robert D. Cohen, DVM Director, CARES
The first step in becoming more profitable is to tackle the low-hanging fruit which often lies in understanding unrealized planned revenue, how to control costs, manage inventory and knowing how to continuously improve the customer experience.
SpecVet allows you to:
  • Avoid missed invoices and charges with Automated Billing
  • Define workflows to allow your staff to see more patients in a timely manner
  • Real-time tracking of payroll, supply costs, orders and resources
  • Link to bill codes, automatically capturing fees
  • Never miss the little things written down with 100% accurate logging and tracking
What our clients have to share
"We increased our Fee Capture in $350,000 in the first year by using SpecVet's Inventory Management System (IMS). It was a hard fact to realize but a great Return on Investment"
— DVM, Veterinary Hospital in WI
“The Inventory Mangement / Billing integration? Irreplaceable.”
—Robert D. Cohen, DVM, Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES)
No more workarounds or changing your process to work with your practice management software. SpecVet has proven itself irreplaceable in ER/Specialty Clinics around the country for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality:
  • Unlimited MRN types
  • Easy to use and robust medical record
  • Customizable medical record templates
  • 1-click record writing with SMRTs
With input from more than 30 veterinarians and administrators from ER/Specialty Clinics, SpecVet is here providing an even more powerful and intuitive interface with specialized features catered to your specific needs. SpecVet was designed with the vet in mind.
“It’s very easy for those of us who administer the system. With SpecVet, you can pretty much sit down and start working in it on day one.”   
— Robert D. Cohen, DVM Director, CARES
No more guess work. Period. SpecVet’s business intelligence and integrated inventory management system provide the powerful reporting you need to make smart business decisions.
Imagine the peace of mind you would gain if your back office worked as seamlessly as the front: instant access to staff hours and payroll and detailed reporting of profit and loss.
  • Powerful reporting – customizable, flexible and accurate
  • Real-time reporting of payroll, supply costs, orders, and resources used
  • Multiple pre-built templates that you can customize
  • Mobile-friendly dashboards
  • Customer Satisfaction and Marketing insights
  • Easy to share with your team
Spend time improving your business instead of losing nights creating spreadsheets and reports. With SpecVet Business Intelligence capabilities you have access to objective data that supports your growth in a healthy and sustainable way.
See our BI interface here

“I want to be able to track procedures, track or evaluate finances and transactions and do accounts receivable for doctors and departments. SpecVet has all these different layers and flexibility. It works the way we work.I can track any variable I want without having to trick the system.”
—Dr. Jeffrey Dennis, DVM, ACVIM, Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center
Co-founder John Beltz, DVM and owner of a 24-hour ER vet services and animal hospital designed SpecVet after his own frustrations with existing software options. With the assistance of Co-founderDavid Wolz and the input from more than 30 veterinarians and administrators from ER/Specialty Clinics around the country, SpecVet practice management system was developed to put the clinic business and its patients first.
  • Our true multi-location functionality delivers flexibility, consistency and accuracy like no other software
  • Our support staff is available online, on the phone, and onsite when necessary
  • We leverage our 25 years (and counting) in the veterinary industry to continuously improve the product
“We have 26 doctors in our hospital, and we’re open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. SpecVet has proven to be a very reliable system.”
— Barbara R. Gores, DVM Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson

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